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Lawn treatment

Our customers have many different needs when it comes to their lawns. We will do a comprehensive inspection of your property with you to determine what your needs are and set up a treatment plan that works for you! Whether you have Bahia grass and are concerned about fire ants and mole crickets, or St. Augustine grass and want to keep weeds and chinch bugs out, we can help! Our services are customized for you. Our goal is to protect your lawn and your family from insects on your property. Our lawn care treatments are performed every other month. Insects are also treated with your regular service and fire ant treatments are at no additional charge. Often times, large big box companies draw you in with a low service fee and are require customers to pay extra for the things that your lawn needs. Extra services like fire ants, sod webworms, and fungus control are often extra and sometimes they will sell you things you may not even need. Our service includes everything that your lawn needs and never charge you an additional fee! Bahia lawns are fertilized to keep them as thick as possible to naturally prevent weeds and fight off fire ants. St. Augustine lawns are fertilized with every treatment, treated for insects, and treated for weeds. Most companies only treat insects in the summer and weeds in the spring and fall. We treat any issues found at each service. This approach requires more time and increases our overhead but you are worth it! Since no two properties are the same we find that the “one treatment fits all” approach does not work for our customers.

Weeds can create an unsightly appearance

Chinch bugs can cause substantial damage to St. Augustine turf

Chinch bug

Ornamental treatment

Our ornamental program is also a custom program. No two landscapes are the same. All plants are fertilized throughout the year and treated for insects. Many customers have specific needs. Some of our customers love their Sago palms and have high expectations when it comes to keeping scale insects off. Others, have prize Hibiscus that will not flower while under attack by aphids and mealy bugs! Keep in mind that plants with ornamental insects create a huge problem with ants and other insects inside of your home! Since weed control products can damage plants we do not provide weed control in flower/ shrub beds.

Caterpillars can heavily damage foliage

Mealy bugs damage ornamental plants

Customer support

The success of your lawn and landscape coordinated effort. We pride ourselves on educating our customers and setting your expectations so we can provide the best service available. Proper mowing, watering and trimming are crucial, in conjuction with our treatments to create the healthiest turf and shrubs. Most companies promise the world and don’t talk about customer responsibilities, then wonder why they lose customers when services don’t meet customer expectations. Good cultural practices can prevent many of the issues that require chemical treatment. The best way to prevent insects and disease is to have a healthy dense turf. We are committed to provide the best service with the least impact on the environment and reducing your families exposure to products! Call today for your free property inspection and we can create a treatment plans that works for you!

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